1) Eat Soup

Whether you’re at home on a regular weekday or at a dinner party, starting your meal off with soup will help fill you up before you even hit the main course. Soup, if it’s a lighter type, usually has fewer calories than your main meal. The end result? Fewer total calories consumed at dinner and better management of food consumed.

2) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Even if you’re hosting or attending an extravagant dinner feast on some day, do not skip breakfast. Studies show that eating breakfast helps us to consume fewer total calories throughout the day. Fill up on nutritious items that contain protein, fiber, and/or whole grains.

3) Chew Gum

Chewing minty gum can help suppress your appetite temporarily. If you’re starting to crave some food or think that you’re hungry, chew a piece of gum and drink a cup of water. It will help you eat less unnecessarily.

Equally as Important…

Focusing on your appetite is important but, so is exercise. Do not give up on exercise! Our overall weight gain problem during the holiday season does not come solely from eating. Breaking our exercise routines because of our holiday obligations or busy schedules is one mistake that’s important to avoid. Keeping up with normal-length, regular-intensity workouts may not be feasible. Stick to them when possible so that you do not find yourself off-track for your weight-loss and lifestyle change goals.

Setting easier goals when necessary (such as during Thanksgiving weekend) can help, however. Be it Thanksgiving weekend only or the entire week before it, find time to take a 30-min brisk walk every day that you cannot complete your usual exercise routine. This way you are still working your body and burning off some of what you may have eaten too much of.

Produce to Enjoy

The fall season brings with it a whole variety of vegetables and fruits that grow best in this weather. Keep an eye out for them and use them in soups, salads, main dishes, or even healthier desserts. All of them contain valuable nutrients that do your body good, & some of them add a unique taste to whatever dish they are a part of. Below is a list of some fall produce:


Bok Choy
A Final Note

Always remember that it is possible to enjoy the holiday season without packing on extra pounds. Eating smart, following the above tips, controlling your appetite, cooking healthier holiday recipes, and talking to your weight loss coach for more advice are all good ways for you to stay on track your weight loss journey. Have faith in yourself and you will end the holiday season with pride in your accomplishments!