Research shows that how you state a goal and the type of goal you set both play a role in how successful you are at achieving it.  Behavior modifiers often mention two key factors in discussing goal setting and achievement: How specific/general and how difficult/manageable a goal is.  Established theory suggests that the more specific a goal is, and the less sizable, the more likely it is to be achieved.

Set Effective Goals

What does this mean for you?  It’s simple.  An effective goal states completely and concisely what it is that you would like to achieve.  It also gives you a sense of purpose and requires a commitment to whatever it is that you are working for. In addition, when you set your 2013 goals, it is important that you keep in mind that each New Year’s Resolution is something to be achieved over time.

Telling yourself that your weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle goals are something to work towards during all of 2013 will make it easier for you to go one step at a time.  More importantly, it will allow you to more easily to pick up where you left off if and when you face a setback.

Be Realistic

Related to commitment to a goal is its level of difficulty. Goals are achievable if they are realistic and doable by the person who sets them.  What this means is being careful in deciding what your goals are for the New Year.  Establish goals that you know you can fulfill based on your knowledge of yourself, your abilities, and you’re mental and emotional capacity.  Saying that you are going to hit the gym five times a week this year after not going at all in 2012 is unrealistic.  Setting your goal at working out 3 times a week is more realistic and is something you can work towards more easily.  Quite simply, it all boils down to how large you make your goal.  If you really have a big goal in mind, it is best to start small and gradually build onto your initial goal until you achieve the larger resolution.

Get Support

To make things even better, the same research that backs up these ideas also suggests the presence of motivating individuals as being important, as is the tracking of progress towards goals.  With your weight loss journey at Florida Aesthetics, both of these additions are readily available to you!

During this year, make a commitment to your routine visits with your weight loss coach.  Not only will you be able to check your progress with her, but you will also have someone with whom to discuss your efforts towards fulfilling your goals.  Your weight loss coach is here to monitor your progress, support you if and when you have a setback, and give you an outsider’s perspective on your journey.  She is a key person in your success; it is important to make goals public, and especially to those who will be both supportive and encouraging.  Let your coach know that you would like her to be your goal support, and include close family or friends that will not demoralize you if you face a setback.

What Gets Measured Improves

A second helpful factor is the online tracking software made available to you as a part of Florida Aesthetics.  Research suggests the importance of visual/tangible tracking of goal progress.  With weight loss and fitness, actually seeing what you eat, how well you’re sticking to your eating plan, and what your exercise habits look like over a period of time make the entire journey both more realistic and more manageable for you.  The online tracking software provides you with these abilities in an easy and completely individualized way.  With it, you can set meal plans and physical activity plans that you are your weight loss coach decide are best for you.  As time progresses, the software allows you to keep track of your commitment to your weight loss/fitness programs and goals.  Seeing your plans & noticing positive changes in the information you record on yourself both act as sources of motivation and encouragement for you.  Similarly, noticing some slip ups acts as a personal check on yourself and any setbacks you may have been facing.

We Are With You All The Way..

All in all, there is a great deal that you can do to ensure successful achievement of your New Year’s Resolution as they relate to your weight loss journey.  And as always, at Florida Aesthetics, support and encouragement are always available at your convenience.