With all the discussion on weight loss wherever we go, we may find that the easiest and most sensible take-away message from it all is this: weight loss = calories in < calories out. From that, we may select a diet that is nutritionally unsound and that always leaves us hungry. Fewer calories equals faster and better weight loss, right? Wrong! Choose the best foods for weight loss.
As it turns out, certain foods can help with weight loss more than others. How? Simple!
They contain healthy fats, fiber, protein, and/or are considered to be resistant starches.
Why does that matter? Foods like that must be inedible!

There exists a surprisingly long list of good-for-your-waistline and tasty foods that actually keep you fuller, help boost your metabolism, and up your fat burn. Add them to your diet (and remove all that is high in sugar and/or low in nutritional content) and you will find yourself on a faster weight loss journey than ever before!
Below is a list of these super foods, along with a simple explanation of why they’re amazing.

Chickpeas: High in resistant starch, they pack a punch with fiber, protein and healthy fats.
Green Tea: A refreshing, good-for-you drink. The antioxidants in here help increase your body’s fat and calorie burn.

Avocados: Guacamole (home-made) can actually be good for you! Load up on this green wonder to quiet your hunger. Monounsaturated fats do just that for you!

Potatoes: High in carbs but considered to be a resistant starch. In other words, potatoes are more filling than white bread and contain key nutrients.

Salmon: This fish cannot be undersold! Its a lean source of protein and contains monounsaturated fats, which means feeling full!

Oranges: Floridas star fruit is moderate in calories and high in fiber. Its a great energy-boosting snack!

Lentils: A wonderfully delicious combination of protein and fiber, this legume is a resistant starch that will keep you full, boost your metabolism, and burn fat!

Oats: A hearty breakfast, oats are high in fiber and allow for gradual increase in blood sugar so that you don’t crash mid-morning.

Grapefruit: Eat half before every meal and you’ll greatly boost your weight loss.

Cinnamon: A little sprinkle in your meals can prevent sudden increases in your blood sugar levels and prevent a crash after carb-loading.

Adding these to your meals or making them your snacks will really help you with your weight loss journey. To learn about more foods that are great for weight loss, talk to your weight loss coach. And always remember that adding these foods gradually will be your best route to faster and sustained weight loss!