In a world of processed foods and a strong preference for that which is white (bread, rice, pasta), it is easy to lose sight of the other, more wholesome option: whole grain.

US Dietary guidelines recommend that half of the grains we consume are whole. Why? Quite simply, because they’re good for you, and benefit your body in ways that the whites simply cannot. Whole grain consumption means an increase in fiber intake, more nutrients for the heart, and decreased risk of health problems like stroke and colon cancer.

The principle is basic: Just as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables leads to better health, so does consuming more natural grains…ones that have not been stripped of most of their nutritious value.

The switch to whole grain (if only switching half of what you consume) can be made more comfortable if you do it gradually. Begin with whole grain bread for your usual sandwich instead of white. Move on to trying out a whole grain pasta instead of the traditional one when you experiment with healthy and delicious recipes. Take every opportunity to introduce whole grain food products into your diet, and to learn to savor and enjoy the heartier taste and greater fulfillment that it provides your stomach.

Your body will thank you. (eventually)

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