Countless methods for weight-loss exist.  Many people search high and low to find the best, most effective, fastest, and/or easiest weight loss secret that they can follow.  Diets, diet pills, two-week programs, intense exercise regimens, and surgery are all among the options floating around out there.  As you’ve come to realize, most of them either don’t work or give results that don’t stick.  Why?  Some of them give excessive promises or are extreme in their methods.  Extreme methods lead to rapid weight loss and more rapid weight gain once the plan is over.  This is why so many nutritionists and weight loss experts tout the importance and benefits of balanced weight loss methods that focus on holistic lifestyle changes.  In other words, what is seen as effective, safe, and successful is a method that focuses on behavior-modification weight loss techniques.

Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss in Brandon, Fl offers a weight loss program that is centered around behavior-modification.  What does that mean?

  1. The goal is overall lifestyle change and improvement
  2. Weight loss is the end result of small, gradual changes in diet, exercise, and habits
  3. It is not a temporary plan that promises what you want; it is a long-term process with the goal of permanent and positive change in your life, your body, and your mentality
  4. The entire process, for as long as it takes, is supported and encouraged by a knowledgeable and dedicated weight loss coach and that is backed by medical supervision
  5. It works

Behavior modification weight loss is evidence-based and has been cited as working successfully with obese patients.  The potential it has for causing positive change in the lives of many makes it an extremely powerful method for weight loss, be it ten pounds or eighty.  Commitment from anyone who wants to lose weight is all that is needed to get the program going.  With the right attitude, coaching, and speed of change, behavior-modification weight loss can become your healths best friend.  Heres why it works:

  1. It’s multiple baby steps. The larger goal is broken down into several smaller goals and each one is tackled separately.  Goals build onto one another until they lead to the ultimate goal.
  2. The plan is holistic. This means that you’re looking at making little changes in all aspects of your life.  With each change, you will feel healthier, more active, and more positive.
  3. There is room for error. Slipping or falling behind is not a problem as long as you remain committed to your weight loss.  Your coach is always behind you!
  4. You are not alone! It relies on support from family and friends and gives importance to diet and/or exercise partners.
  5. You will see the results.  The more changes you make, and the longer they stick, the greater the change you will see.  You will feel that your hard work is paying off! In each particular case, individual results may vary.

In short, behavior-modification weight loss is an excellent way to go about reaching your goals.  It is easily applicable, flexible to all needs, and is based on human psychology.  For more information on this program, talk to your weight loss coach and Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss today!