Effective weight loss may start with balance.  You have possibly by now grown tired of the word, but over and again, proof emerges as to why balance is so important in all aspects of life, including weight loss.  Recently, the winner of a major TV show came under fire for losing too much weight in her quest to win the competition.  This controversy, true or not, has reminded me of the importance of balance in all steps you take towards weight loss, and why failing to balance can bring dire consequences.  Heres why:

  1. It Helps Keep You Balanced: In other words, if you avoid extremes in diet or exercise, you’re more likely to stick to a healthy way of living and a healthy pattern of weight loss.
  2. Balanced Thinking Will Protect You From Danger Zones: Thinking about your goals in moderation, such as losing weight gradually and steadily, will help you reach your short and long-term goals.  It will also keep you from dipping into dangerous weight loss that can cause health problems or eating disorders, and will keep you from rebounding quickly from rapid weight loss and gaining back more than you lost
  3. You Will Be Happier: Avoiding extreme diets and extreme exercise regimens will help keep you mentally and emotionally positive.  Anything that goes beyond a healthy diet plan and regular exercise that suits your body will likely push you beyond your mental limits and increase your risk of failure.
  4. Your Results Will Last: When you do things with patience and balance, they’re more likely to stick.  And that is true for various aspects of our lives, not just weight loss.
  5. You Will Become a Healthier You: Balanced eating, balanced exercise, and balanced change towards healthy living are all things that will ensure your journey towards weight loss will also be a journey towards the new, healthier you. 

Not convinced? Talk to your weight loss coach today about why balance is key to your success, your health, and your happiness!