Exercise is one activity that all doctors encourage, and that is suggested as a helpful method in attempting to lose weight.  It burns calories, strengthens the body, and makes us feel great.  Getting into the habit of doing it can be tough, though.  Some of us don’t have the time, others of us are too tired and overwhelmed to think about exercise, and some of us just don’t seem to enjoy it.  Despite all this, exercise is one routine that should be incorporated in everyones daily routine for several reasons:

  • Exercising provides your body with immediate benefit to your metabolism, brain function, immune system, and overall health.
  • Exercise lowers the risk of several serious health issues, such as heart disease and obesity.
  • Exercise is the turbo behind weight loss plans. Its effect on the body leads to more effective and longer lasting weight loss than diet alone.

Regular exercise cannot be done alone, however.   Whether we’re exercising for weight loss or because it is part of our regular routine, exercise has to be accompanied by good eating.  What does this mean?

  • A completely balanced diet, with recommended amounts of the macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • A wide variety of food sources, with the majority coming from healthy, natural foods so that we fuel our body with necessary nutrients
  • Avoidance of too many empty calories.  Useful calories, such as good fats, whole grains, and proteins, are great sources of fuel for those who exercise
  • A healthy amount of daily calorie consumption, as designated by a doctor or weight loss professional.

Together, good exercise and a balanced diet are the secret to effective weight loss and healthy living.  The two support each other in giving us strong bodies, minds, and overall well being.  Adopting both exercise and healthy eating during a weight loss journey also help us stay healthy when we are in the maintenance phase.  Understanding better about how to choose the right exercise regimen and the best diet for your needs requires talking to a professional.  If you find yourself needing direction with your lifestyle, talk to your weight loss coach at Florida Aesthetics today!

Information taken from www.obesityaction.org