One of the things that drives people towards weight loss is the idea that they will become healthier once they reach their target weight.  While it is true that great health benefits come from shedding weight, they do appear before you reach your ideal or target weight.  As it turns out, our body begins to show improvements as soon as we’ve lost 5-10% of our body weight.  Particularly for obese individuals, this percent of weight loss can bring about the amazing changes below:

  1. Reduction in hypertension:  High blood pressure comes with being overweight/obese.  Lose some weight and your blood pressure will drop.  Watch what you eat and it may drop even more.
  2. Diabetes: Type II diabetes often develops in obese individuals and can be very difficult to cope with.  Weight loss helps reduce its presence by helping to keep blood sugar at more normal levels.
  3. Cholesterol: Good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol.  If you’re overweight, you might have too much of the latter.  Lose five to ten percent of your weight and you’ll see an increase in your good cholesterol.  Be careful with what you eat and you might see a drop in the bad.

These are among many of the benefits that come with losing weight.  Not only does losing a little bit of weight make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, but it also helps to keep you motivated on your path to a new you.  The more weight you lose, the better you will feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Losing just five to ten percent of your body weight is a great milestone, and can be done effectively through medical and behavior-based weight loss programs. Possible results may include not only looking better but also improving your health and protecting you from a myriad of potential health problems. Get the five percent, and you’ll be ready to make it to the finish line!  For more information on how to lose weight effectively, weight loss program and reap the benefits, talk to your weight loss coach at Florida Aesthetics today!

Information brought to you by the Obesity Action Coalition