One of the biggest obstacles that people face when they try to lose weight is their hunger and desire for food.  Typically, losing weight involves cutting back on food, which leads to more hunger.  Losing weight and changing your lifestyle for the better can also lead to a seemingly-insatiable appetite.  The more you try to adopt healthier habits and eat healthier foods, the more your body will crave the foods you don’t give it anymore.  At least in the beginning.

Eventually your psyche adjusts to the new changes and you wont feel a constant craving for the foods you’re avoiding for the sake of your health and your waist.  The hunger can be an issue, however, especially when in situations when it’s difficult to reach for a healthy snack or meal.  And it’s those situations where we find ourselves most vulnerable to our appetites.  Especially, as a new study suggests, when we’ve had a great calorie-burning workout.

It seems a bit contradictory that we work out to burn calories and get in shape only to find ourselves eating more than usual.  Preliminary evidence suggests that when we think we’ve worked hard, we seem to go easy on ourselves and consume more calories without realizing it.  If these results hold up, that means we have to be more careful than we thought in handling our hunger and appetite, both during our weight loss journey and after.


We found these useful tips on ABC news and thought to share them with you:

  1. Make your workout fun, not gruesome
  2. Sleep enough every night
  3. Increase your water intake
  4. Schedule your meals (roughly)
  5. Learn to cope with stress without turning to food

These tips are excellent ways to keep yourself in check when you’re hungry, stressed, or just have a big appetite.  Also keep in mind that it helps to plan for your hunger and keep healthy snacks on hand.  Prepare your meals in advance so that you don’t end up eating out and eating unhealthy.  Keep a food journal, and most importantly, do not lose sight of your goal!  Eventually you will be able to manage your appetite much more easily as it becomes second nature to your healthier lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about appetite control and weight loss, talk to your weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!