Recently, researchers have discovered evidence that suggests that zero-calorie foods do not help with weight loss.  In fact, when we consume them they have considerable impact on our bodies that can actually lead to weight gain.  How?

  • Zero-calorie foods are so processed that our body doesn’t actually have to work to burn them.  Even though we aren’t technically consuming any calories, our bodies don’t have to do much to get rid of these foods.  When the body doesn’t have to do much to burn off food, its metabolism and fat-burning ability are slowed down.
  • Because they’re not natural, zero-calorie foods cause inflammation in the gut.  Inflammation can trigger fat genes and, as a result, lead to the development of belly fat.
  • They confuse the body!  When we eat or drink something thats zero calories, the chemicals in the food signal our brain that real food (ie with calories) is coming.  We feel hungry because of this, and are more likely to eat something to quell the hunger.

Zero-calorie foods/drinks that should be avoided include:

  • Diet coke
  • Butter sprays
  • Calorie-free dips spreads and sauces

If you’re interested in learning more about zero-calorie foods and good substitutes for them, talk to your weight loss consultant today!