First, there was the food pyramid, but people didn’t like it.  Then came MyPyramid, which was also a pyramid, but looked different.  Its problem was that it wasn’t clear enough and didn’t break down food groups clearly.  It was replaced by MyPlate, a diagram of a plate that was divided into food groups according to how much of each we should eat.  Like MyPyramid, MyPlate is a little vague.  According to Harvard University, for example, the plate doesn’t explain to us what kinds of meats we should choose, and whether our grains should be processed or whole, hearty, and unprocessed.  Unfortunately, the unclear nature of the USDAs food guides normally means that understanding what a real balanced diet is requires digging around and researching food.  Fortunately for us, organizations like Harvards School of Public Health and people like our weight loss coach have the knowledge you need to clarify that information and learn how to eat according to dietary guidelines.

The Healthy Eating Pyramid was made by Harvard to suggest, in very simple terms, what it is we need to eat and live healthy.  The pyramid sits on a foundation of regular exercise and weight control.  The idea is that these two factors are key to helping us make smart choices that are in line with dietary guidelines.  Its followed by a breakdown of key foods:

    • Whole Grains
    • Healthy Fats and Oils
    • Veggies and Fruits
    • Nuts, Seeds, Beans, and Tofu
    • Fish, Poultry, and Eggs
    • Dairy
    • (Sparingly) Red meat, Processed Meat, & Butter
    • (Sparingly) Refined Grains
    • Multivitamins
    • Optional (Alcohol in moderation)
    • Even though the USDAs MyPlate provides general guidelines for what and how we should eat, the Healthy Eating

Pyramid specifies the types of each food group that we should/should not eat. It gives a more clear picture of how we should eat: by focusing on natural, unprocessed foods that are low in saturated fat. Relying on guidelines like these can help you towards a more balanced diet. If you’d like to learn more about eating healthy and choosing the right foods, talk to your weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!