You know that making healthy eating choices is important to your health for many different reasons, but it’s difficult to commit to nutritious, wholesome meal and snack choices when you’re constantly on-the-go. This time of year makes healthy eating especially challenging as your family bounces between school events, sports practices, and other obligations that keep your schedule endlessly busy.

Don’t worry, all hope isn’t lost. Smart eating is possible with the right preparation. These five tips will give you the nudge you need to create strategic eating habits and lose weight, even with a chaotic schedule.

Make Portable Meals Over the Weekend

A busy Monday is much easier to handle when you plan a few days ahead. Use free time over the weekend to prepare healthy, portable meals for you and your family. Overnight oats for breakfast, roasted chickpeas and no-bake granola bars as snacks, and prepared salads for lunch or dinner make excellent grab-and-go choices that are delicious, nutritious, and satisfying.

Stock Up on High Protein Snacks

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will prevent overeating later in the day and keep your blood sugar balanced at optimal levels. This supports ongoing weight loss efforts, boosts your mood, and makes your day more pleasant. High protein snacks include greek yogurt, cottage cheese, almonds, hard boiled eggs, and jerky.

Always Carry Water

Healthy living, weight loss,and high energy levels have one very simple thing in common: water. If you constantly drink water throughout your day, you will feel significantly better, limit your sugar intake, and continually flush toxins out of your body. Unhealthy cravings can even be squashed by drinking water, so load up at the beginning of your day.

Pack Healthy Snacks in a Cooler or Tote Bag

Fast food is the enemy of healthy eating, especially when you’re starving or short on time and see a McDonalds at the next corner. Minimize your reliance on fast food by packing your healthy snacks in a small cooler or tote bag each morning. This method makes nutrition easy and automatic.

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