Every year, the experts weigh in on all the diets out there and come up with the list of the best and worst for the year.  As it were, rankings seem to be filled by diets that give you a healthier lifestyle that rely on more balanced eating than those of years that have passed. (i.e. Atkins diet)  Here, we bring the top five diets of the year and show you how lifestyle change and balanced eating are the key across the board.  Criteria included: easy to follow and help with effective weight loss

The top five:

DASH diet
The TLC diet
The Mayo Clinic Diet
The Mediterranean Diet
The Weight Watchers Diet

How they promote a balanced lifestyle:

The DASH diet was originally created for high blood pressure.  It encourages consumption of produce, whole grains, and lean meats and requires cutting back on high-sugar, high-fat foods.
The TLC diet encourages consumption of fruits, vegetables, and meats while cutting out excess saturated fat.  It can help with weight loss and is heart healthy.
The Mayo Clinic Diet was devised in an attempt to teach people how to live healthy.  (Like our mantra at F.A.)  It works by having people focus on adopting specific healthy habits and breaking bad ones.  All foods are acceptablein moderation of course!
The Mediterranean Diet concentrates on produce, fish, and olive oil.  It is heart healthy, very nutritious, and promotes healthy eating.
The Weight Watchers Diet allows you to eat whatever you want.  The catch?  Everything you eat is worth a certain amount of points.  The more unhealthy your food choice is, the fewer points you’ll have left to consume for the rest of the day.  If you’re smart about your eating, this diet teaches you how to balance out your meals and make wise choices with what you eat.

These diets are not necessarily the top ones for weight loss.  They are, however, good for shedding pounds and even better for adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Because at Florida Aesthetics we believe firmly in balance, these are the types of diets that you will find us recommending to you as you work towards weight loss and, more importantly, a healthier you!  If you’d like more information on these diets or are interested in trying one out, talk to your weight loss consultant today for more information!