Ever heard of strange or interesting “facts” about weight loss that you either absolutely loved or thought were ridiculous? Here, we debunk some of those popular weight loss myths for you.

1) A very good way to lose weight is to load up on fruits and vegetables
The reality is, no secret tip will lead you by the hand to weight loss.  It takes a combination of things, including cutting out unhealthy foods and staying active.

2) You can avoid obesity by eating breakfast regularly
Truth be told, a single, relatively small factor will not prevent anyone from becoming obese.  Obesity is a result of several factors, including genetics, eating habits, and lifestyle.  Though breakfast helps to start up your metabolism, it is not a guaranteed defense against obesity.

3) You can lose big by making small changes in your eating habits
It’s true that most weight loss professionals advocate small habit changes such as a switch from regular Coke to Diet.  These little calorie cuts are not enough to help you lose a good chunk of weight across the span of a year, however.  Unless healthy habits are maintained throughout the year, including no food to compensate for that regular Coke, you will not see the weight fall off. The reality is, one habit change of 150 calories will not lead to anything major.  The major results come from employing several changes in your life, and, of course, from listening to your weight loss coach!

4) All carbs are bad!!!
Not so!  Carbs can be good or bad, depending on which ones you eat.  Processed carbs are not favored for the ultimate healthy lifestyle, nor do they help with weight loss in the way that less processed (or unprocessed) carbs do.  The closer to its natural form a carb is, the better it is for you.  It contains more nutrients and will probably keep you full for longer.  Examples? Brown rice, quinoa, beans, and fruit.

5) Some foods will help you burn more calories than others
Unfortunately, grapefruit does not burn more calories than it contains.  And any food that could possibly boost your metabolism does not boost it enough to make much of a difference in your daily calorie burn.  If you really want to boost your metabolism and burn more calories, weight lift!  Pack on some muscle and your body will find itself asking for more fuel. Weight Loss Myths