This is perhaps the most important season for Americans to stick to their exercise routines. Statistics show that the average American gains about one pound during the holiday season. While this may not seem like a lot, it may also be a big factor in the push into overweight and obesity. Why? Most Americans don’t lose the one pound they gain during the holiday season. Over the years, that adds up. And over the years, as people get older, and their metabolisms slow down, it gets more dangerous. Creating a winter workout is crucial.

Working out in the winter is a key factor in preventing this weight gain (keep in mind that some people gain more. One pound is the average). It can also make weight loss goals easier to attain, even during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it seems that a good number of people cut back on their workouts in the winter because of the cold.

Here in Florida, that is not as much of an issue. The winter cold is bearable enough for outdoor workouts to continue. And let’s not forget…indoor workouts are always an option if you can’t stand running in the cold! Here at Brandon Weight Loss, we like to see the winter season workout as a challenge for our patients. It is one that we suggest you take on and do your best to stick to for the rest of the holiday season and as long as the winter lasts.

How can you make it easier? Stick to a more consistent schedule for working out; if you work out outdoors, time it at the most convenient time that is also the most comfortable time for you to be outside. If you work out indoors, stick to what you’re doing. See if you can challenge yourself to an outdoor workout once a week, just to see what it feels like. It may actually be good for you!

Some gyms and health clubs may actually have special work out events, such as boot camps or extended classes, in spirit of the holiday season. They can often be fun, and are always a challenge to look forward to. As tough as they may sound, they make sure everyone walks out feeling glad that they walked in.

The options are endless. Even changing the work out that you do outside can make it easier to complete during this season. It may also be a good time to try out one of the 2012 workout trends, some of which can be found on DVD. It is a season to explore, to be challenged, and to succeed. And as always, you have support from us at Brandon Weight Loss!