It’s easy to say that you want to lose twenty pounds, but actually doing it takes a lot of effort.  Most likely, this is because looking at one big goal in its entirety may be daunting and may make the task seem impossible.  Psychologists and weight loss experts have been pointing out this flaw in weight loss plans for years.  We set one big goal, fail to meet it, and become upset because we think we are failures.  The truth of the matter is, our brain is simply better adapted to handling smaller goals that are easier to fathom.  What does this mean for weight loss?

Setting several smaller goals that lead up to your ultimate weight loss/fitness/lifestyle goal makes it more likely that you will achieve that goal.  Want to lose twenty pounds?  Break your goal down by week, and make sure that it possesses the following:

  1. A very clear and detailed explanation of the mini goal you are trying to achieve
  2. Manageable targets to reach; for example, losing two pounds in one week and going to the gym three days in that same time period.  Keep in mind that what is manageable for you is different than what is manageable for others.
  3. Realistic targets.  Telling yourself that you want to lose five pounds in one week is an unhealthy and difficult goal to attain without potentially harming yourself OR giving up on your entire goal.  The key is to get yourself step-by-step to your ultimate goal.
  4. Flexibility!  Running into obstacles on our way to weight loss and fitness is not at all uncommon.  The goals we set should be amenable to change in the case that we find ourselves falling behind or unable to keep up with the pace we set for ourselves.  Setting goals does not set them in stone; change is possible, will happen, and is absolutely acceptable.

The importance of goal-setting is to remind us of what it is that we are trying to do and to provide us with a mental source of motivation to keep us going.  It is easier to do this when our goals are manageable and realistic, and when we share them with others so that they may support us on our journey.  Goal setting is key to successful weight loss and is a large component of medical/behavioral weight loss.  For more information, talk to a weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!