One type of diet which we have not yet introduced to you is the meal replacement program.  Such a diet involves replacing one of your meals with a nutritious, calorie-balanced shake.  These shakes are part of a comprehensive program that not only provides you with a complete meal plan, supervised weight loss, and group sessions with a behaviorist.  Meal replacement diets are extremely structured and very effective at helping patients lose weight.  The structure, support from others, and medical supervision give it all the components necessary for successful and effective weight loss.  And most importantly, it’s safe.

Optifast is one such meal replacement program.  It involves three phases aimed at long-term weight loss:

Active Weight Loss

12 weeks of full meal replacement all medically supervised and supported by weekly group sessions.


6 weeks of transitioning back to regular food in a manner that will ensure you maintain balanced and healthy eating.

Long-Term Weight Management Phase

This is an ongoing phase that helps keep your weight off and keep you on track to a healthy lifestyle, with a mix of both meal replacement shakes and regular meals. This diet is intended to help anyone with a BMI over 30 lose excess weight and become both healthier and happier.  It is an effective and wonderful option for anyone who has not yet found the secret to successful weight loss. If you’re interested in learning more about Optifast, talk to our weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics!