Sticking to New Years Resolutions

Sticking to New Years Resolutions

Every year, a good number of us make New Years resolutions.  Some of us may vow to make more time for ourselves. Others of us may decide to become more social. Many of us, however, set our minds on the ultimate resolution: to lose weight and/or exercise more. It’s a pretty great resolution to make, with potentially wonderful benefits.  Losing weight and exercising improve our overall health, strengthen our heart and cardiovascular endurance, make us feel better, and can give us more energy.  Placing them as priorities for the New Year can be helpful.  The bad news? Most people are unable to meet their New Years resolutions.  Why?

Part of it has to do with setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and then giving up when we cant meet them.  Fortunately, there is a way for us to meet our goals, and it requires complete commitment to work.  ABC News gives us a few tips to help us on our way as we countdown to the New Year:

  1. Make a goal thats manageable: Set a larger goal for yourself and then break it down into smaller goals.  Deciding to lose weight is not a specific enough goal, for example. 
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself: Slipping up happens, and is especially possible with weight loss and exercise goals.  The key is not to take every slip as a disaster, but to understand that your goal is to gain more self-control as you go on.
  3. Give yourself a support system: Tell your friends and family about your goals and get their support.  Have them track your progress and cheer you on when you have bad days. 
  4. Choose a goal that you really want to meet: Don’t set a goal just because it sounds good or because someone told you it’s a good idea.  Make sure it’s what you want to do.  

Keeping these points in mind will help you succeed at meeting your New Years resolutions. They are also great pointers to keep in mind during your weight loss journey.  If you’d like to learn more about smart goal setting and success, talk to your weight loss coach today!

Sticking to New Years Resolutions

Revitalize Your Skin For the New Year!

What better way to ring in the New Year than to give yourself the gift of beautiful skin?  At Florida Aesthetics, we offer different skin treatment options depending on your needs.  Skin revitalization procedures include the following:


Laser Limelight:

  • Treats face and neck for redness and brown spots
  • Simple and comfortable procedure with no down time
  • Results within one to three weeks

Laser Genesis:

  • Treats wrinkles and redness, and helps stimulate collagen production
  • Fades acne scarring
  • Gives you a natural-looking, youthful appearance
  • Number of treatments depends on individual condition


These minimally invasive procedures are safe and effective ways to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.  They can treat signs of aging and can be done easily. Results may vary depending on the individual.  To learn more about revitalizing your skin for the New Year, talk to our aesthetician at Florida Aesthetics today!

Collagen, the secret behind healthy skin

Collagen, the secret behind healthy skin


Our skin is a complex organ that serves as the first layer of protection against any potential harm.  What keeps it youthful, firm, and toned is collagen.  Collagen is found in the middle layer of skin, as well as in our bones.  It provides structure and support to the extent that it makes up most of the skin.  This protein protects us from wrinkles and fine lines.  As we get older, however, collagens ability to keep us looking youthful diminishes.  Why?

  1. Production slows with age
  2. Sun damage reduces its efficacy
  3. Smoking
  4. Oxidative stress from exposure to pollution and UV radiation

Fortunately, these factors dont mean the end of your youthful appearance.  Different procedures help slow down the degeneration of collagen and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  Below are some basic facts about two different procedures that address the issue of skin aging and damage.



  • Also known as skin needling
  • Minimally-invasive and non-surgical
  • Uses a pen-shaped medical device with tiny needles to penetrate the skin at very high speeds
  • Rebuilds elasticity
  • Stimulates skin cell production
  • Results in the formation of new tissue layers of collagen and elastin

Laser Skin Tightening:

  • Non-invasive light treatment
  • Little or no recovery time
  • Uses laser to tighten your skin simply and effectively
  • Revitalizes your appearance


Both microneedling and laser skin tightening are safe and effective procedures to treat signs of aging that result from decreased collagen production.  If youre interested in learning more about how to maintain a youthful appearance and collagen production, talk to our aesthetician at Florida Aesthetics today! Results may vary depending on the individual.

Weight Gain & The Holidays

Weight Gain & The Holidays

Well, for those of us who indulge in the food aspect of the holidays, the yearly weight gain means that every year we’re a little heavier than we were the year before.  The yearly climb in our weight can pose a threat to our health as we get older.  And for those of us who are on a life-changing journey of weight loss and lifestyle change, the holidays can mean immediate trouble for our eating and exercise plans.

So what can we do about it?  There is no reason to suggest that the only solution is to not participate in the traditions of the season.  There are, however, some tips to help you stick to your weight loss goals or minimize the damage from the holidays.  Various health sources and experts, such as WebMD and Stanford University researchers, have come up with great ways to keep the holidays fun without hurting your waist.

  1. Focus on aspects of the holiday other than food (decorations, friends and family)
  2. Make a mental plan of what/how much you will eat at parties and stick to it!
  3. Don’t hang around the food.  Itll help keep your mind off of it
  4. Stick to healthy habits! Try to continue being healthy without being impossible.  This is a season of food and high stress, so some flexibility and modification is expected.
  5. Pace your eating. If your’e planning on enjoying everything, don’t eat it all at the beginning of the party.  At a sit-down dinner, serve yourself reasonable portions so that you can try everything on the table.
  6. Limit the Alcohol. This adds a lot of calories and too much of it can affect your ability to control your eating.

There are many ways for you to enjoy the holidays without hurting your waistline and/or your weight loss goals.  Sticking to them is doable, especially if you have someone to support you.  Talk to your weight loss coach today for support and for more ideas on how to navigate the rest of the holiday season!

Wrong Perceptions About Obesity!

Wrong Perceptions About Obesity!

The Problem of Weight Bias

Obesity treatment at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss in Tampa and Brandon, FL

Obesity is an increasingly common concern in American society, and is becoming a global problem.  For any of multiple reasons, more and more individuals are reaching extremely high BMIs and are unable to lose the extra and potentially dangerous weight.  While a great deal of focus is given to the obesity epidemic and its negative consequences, there are other potentially more detrimental problems that are being ignored.  According to the Obesity Action Coalition, the experience of obesity brings with it problems of bias, stigma, discrimination, and emotional concerns.  The OCA has highlighted the reasons that lead to bias and stigma towards obesity:

Perceptions that obesity:

  • Is caused by a lack of self control
  • Is caused by emotional problems
  • Can be prevented by self-control

Unfortunately, these perceptions influence the way that people treat obese individuals.  Researchers have documented weight, bias, and stigma in multiple settings, including work and educational settings.

Employment Settings:

Obese individuals are given unfavorable treatment in terms of hiring, promotions, and salary.  They are also perceived as being less competent than their non-obese counterparts.


Biased and negative treatment against obese individuals begins as early as preschool.  Children/teenagers who suffer from obesity face rejection and teasing from their peers.  Teachers consider them to be more emotional and less likely to succeed than their non-obese peers.

The problem with weight bias is that it has potentially severe negative consequences for those who experience it.  Outcomes can be psychological, social, or physical:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Rejection from others
  4. Poor academic outcomes
  5. Binge-eating
  6. Lack of exercise

Obesity as an epidemic is an extremely critical issue that cannot be left alone.  Society’s perception of it and peoples beliefs about obese individuals, however, are both harmful to attempts to improve the obesity situation.  Weight bias is a real concern that has negative affects on the obese, and that perpetuates the problem very severely.  Because of this, it’s very important that on the individual level we do our best to maintain a healthy weight and balanced lifestyle, and to change any negative perceptions we have about obesity.  By working on the small scale, we can hope to achieve greater change in society, and to tackle the problem of obesity head on.  If you’d like to learn more about obesity prevention and attitudes towards it, talk to our weight loss consultant today!


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