Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

For years, researchers have been looking into sleep health, trying to understand its purpose, the benefits it reaps, and the processes that take place in our bodies when we are asleep.  Interestingly enough, better appetite control and protection against weight gain were among the benefits of sufficient sleep.  Various studies across the globe have proven that sleeping enough on a daily basis is important if we are to maintain normal appetites, make smart eating decisions, and avoid excess hunger and/or over-eating.  Its not simply about skimping on sleep once a week.  Dangers to health and weight come from consistent sleep deprivation, something that is increasingly common in American society.  Sources such as WebMD break it down simply for us to understand:

  1. Frequent sleep deprivation leaves us tired and groggy, which drives us to make poor decisions.
  2. Our frontal lobe, where judgment is controlled, becomes slightly impaired when we are sleepy beyond normal.
  3. Regularly giving our body less sleep than it needs affects two hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness: Ghrelin and Leptin
  4. The changes in our hormones lead to the wrong signals, which lead to over-eating and, combined with impaired judgment ability, poor decisions.

Ghrelin tells us that were hungry, and leptin tells us that were full.  Sleep deprivation causes leptin levels in our body to drop.  This, in turn, tells our brain that we need to eat more.  Unless we have the ability to cope with these changes and can build the self-control to keep sleep deprivation from affecting our diet choices and our waistline, it is important to do our best to avoid consistent sleep deprivation.  Why?

Even one day of sleeping less than needed can lead to poor decisions.  When on a weight loss journey, these poor decisions are not at all helpful to our goals.  Not only will we be more likely to eat out instead of take the time to prepare healthy foods (or make the right choices), but we will also probably throw in the towel when it comes to getting in our daily workout.  Unfortunately, if we make lack of sleep a habit, these bad choices become our reality and completely derail our weight loss/maintenance efforts.

The best solution, of course, is to do your best to make sure that youre getting enough sleep on as many nights as possible.  With work, stress, and life circumstances, that is not always possible.  Because of this, its important to recognize when you are sleep-deprived, to be aware of changes in your appetite and in your decision-making abilities, and to train yourself to handle the situation as best as possible if and when you are sleep-deprived.  If youre interested in learning more about the connection between sleep and weight, talk to your weight loss consultant today!

Microneedling: More Than A Sting In The Face!

Microneedling: More Than A Sting In The Face!

One revolutionary treatment that provides amazing results for skincare treatment and that is effortless to have done is microneedling.  The process involves a cordless pen with tiny needles on its end that penetrate into your skin.  Penetrating the skin stimulates the bodys natural defenses and allows your skin to produce more elastin and collagen.  Why?

Production of elastin and collagen, beyond what is usually done by your skin, helps to repair various skin conditions.  Microneedling, in essence, is a great and efficient way to handle your skin concerns without undergoing major treatments or emptying your wallet.  What does it treat?

  1. Acne Scars
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Hyper and hypo pigmentation
  4. Stretch marks

Microneedling can treat all forms of acne scars, and the number of treatments will depend on the severity of these scars.  The procedure also handles lines and wrinkles that other types of treatments cannot reach properly, such as those around the eyes.  It also provides overall improvement to your skins appearance, rejuvenating and refreshing it.

A couple of things to keep in mind when considering microneedling:

  1. It is not painful
  2. The procedure does not take long to complete
  3. Skin may appear red for up to four days after the procedure
  4. Changes can be noted immediately but improvements continue for up to six months after the procedure

If youre interested in learning more about this wonderful procedure, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today! Results may vary depending on the individual.

Stop YoYo Dieting: Try A Meal Replacement Program!

Stop YoYo Dieting: Try A Meal Replacement Program!

One type of diet which we have not yet introduced to you is the meal replacement program.  Such a diet involves replacing one of your meals with a nutritious, calorie-balanced shake.  These shakes are part of a comprehensive program that not only provides you with a complete meal plan, supervised weight loss, and group sessions with a behaviorist.  Meal replacement diets are extremely structured and very effective at helping patients lose weight.  The structure, support from others, and medical supervision give it all the components necessary for successful and effective weight loss.  And most importantly, it’s safe.

Optifast is one such meal replacement program.  It involves three phases aimed at long-term weight loss:

Active Weight Loss

12 weeks of full meal replacement all medically supervised and supported by weekly group sessions.


6 weeks of transitioning back to regular food in a manner that will ensure you maintain balanced and healthy eating.

Long-Term Weight Management Phase

This is an ongoing phase that helps keep your weight off and keep you on track to a healthy lifestyle, with a mix of both meal replacement shakes and regular meals. This diet is intended to help anyone with a BMI over 30 lose excess weight and become both healthier and happier.  It is an effective and wonderful option for anyone who has not yet found the secret to successful weight loss. If you’re interested in learning more about Optifast, talk to our weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics!

Skin Damage: How to Turn the Clock Back!

Skin Damage: How to Turn the Clock Back!

We find ourselves, yet again, close to the end of another summer season.  Like many, you have probably taken advantage of the warm weather and the suns beautiful rays this past summer, but skin damage is something to pay attention to. Family vacations, picnics, barbeques, and fun on the beach have essentially kept us exposed to the sunlight for the last few months.  Unfortunately, the fun that we’ve enjoyed has likely taken a toll on us.  How?

Sun Damage!

Its not at all an exciting occurrence, but it is something to be aware of.  The more we expose ourselves to the sun, the more our skin suffers from its rays and causes skin damage. What exactly happens?

  1. More sun exposure means more melanin production.  Melanin is responsible for protecting our skin
  2. More melanin production leads to darker looking/sun-burned skin
  3. Uneven melanin production makes the skin look irregular
  4. Skin can develop a reddish appearance and/or age spots can form.  Age spots are spots of extra melanin production
  5. Wrinkles may follow!

Step by step, the above shows how sun exposure damages our skin.  Not only does it affect its appearance, but it also increases our risk for skin cancer and can increase the development of signs of aging (i.e. wrinkles).  The lighter the skin, the more likely it is that damage will occur.  If we spend too much time in the sun and dont use products to protect our skin, this essentially dangerous damage will occur.  There are, however, ways to protect your skin and treat it when damage does occur:

Laser treatment

Laser Genesis is a technology that is intended for the purpose of treating age spots and dark pigmentation and helps restore even skin tone.

Laser Limelight is used to treat different skin conditions in a manner that helps to revitalize the skin. It targets skin imperfections that result from aging

Obagi 360

This system works to maintain youthful appearance and helps to protect against damage from sources such as harmful sun exposure.

Obagi NuDerm

This is an entire system of topical creams that work actively to rejuvenate the skin and treat age spots, wrinkles, and other signs of skin damage.  It is excellent at treating signs of aging, and includes sunscreen to protect you all day long while youre out in the sun.

 There are multiple methods by which you can protect your skin from sun damage and treat damage that has already occurred.  If youre interested in learning more, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today!

Why Is It Hard To Chose The Right Diet?

Why Is It Hard To Chose The Right Diet?

Do You Know Which Diet Is Best For You?


Medical Weight Loss Program at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss in Brandon, FL

When we decide to work to lose weight, we consider various options for the best, easiest, and fastest way to shed those pounds.  But do we consider what is the healthiest route to go?  Or what will be most effective long term?  For some, it may be hard to consider such factors when looking to lose weight fast.  Aside from deciding based on what others tell you or based on what looks easy, it may help to turn to professional advice in selecting the right way to go about losing weight.  U.S. News & World Report published a list of the top weight loss diets of 2014 that looked at short-term and long-term weight loss, as well as overall weight loss.  Their list is based on scientific evidence that lends support to some diets over others for weight loss.  Below are the top three diets, with an explanation for how they work and why they work well with your weight loss journey at Florida Aesthetics.

Weight Watchers

This is considered the best diet for both short and long-term weight loss.  Weight watchers is based on the idea that eating more healthy foods will keep you full for longer and you will eat less overall.  The program is based on a point system, which assigns foods points based on their protein, fat, and, fiber, and calorie breakdown.  The better a food is, the fewer points it is assigned. Diet followers are given a daily point quota based on individual characteristics, and weight loss results from following the quota. 

Because Weight Watchers rates foods based on overall benefit and goodness, it helps people make smart eating decisions and helps push them towards a healthier lifestyle overall, as is the goal of our weight loss program.  

Biggest Loser Diet

This diet comes from books based on the Biggest Loser TV show diets.  It is based on a six week plan that focused on healthy eating and exercise.  The idea is that this period jump starts successful and effective weight loss, and helps people adopt healthier lifestyles in both diet and fitness.  It focused on filling, healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

The Biggest Loser Diet, like Weight Watchers, focuses on overall healthy eating.  It does, however, have the added component of exercise, which is also emphasized in the weight loss program at Florida Aesthetics.  For some, a six week jumpstart is a great way to become a healthier, lighter, and happier person.   

Jenny Craig 

The Jenny Craig diet focuses on calorie restriction and portion control for weight loss.  It involves customized weight loss and exercise plans.  Followers of the diet speak to a consultant once a week for support and help with any concerns they are having.  Consultants are not nutrition professionals, but they are certified. 

This diet works with our ideology at Florida Aesthetics because it focuses on healthy choices and provides emotional support, which is an important component in successful weight loss.  It is, however, expensive, and may not be as great of a choice as the first two.

One caveat here is that different diets work for different people.  The main point to keep in mind is that successful weight loss depends on gradual and successive changes to overall lifestyle, with a healthy level of weight loss per week.  What is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for someone else.  This is why it is important to speak to your weight loss consultant both when youre trying to decide on a weight loss plan and when you have questions or concerns regarding your journey.  You are not alone!


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